Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wahhh… Scorch price dropped like water.

Today i went shopping around jurong side shop. they sell Scorch english and japan ver. @ $45 nett.
Got a uncle bought 2 pieces and i only got 1 piece. i was soooooooooooooo Happy!!

must buy buy buy. Erm… its a nearby shopping centre near mrt. i was passby with my dad so saw the ultimate cards in the shop. Thought of buying 2 cards but there is only 3 left for the english and 1 japan left. got a uncle very fast taken 2 scorch, maybe he take and sell??? keke, than i only get 1. at least better than ntt. haha anyway i was soooooo happy to get scorch finally. soooooooooo cheap!! What a Lucky day!!


gold $20 - $30
sliver $10 - $15
bronze $3 - $5

i think animal kaiser going to dead line soon. version 14 the last and ver 5 maybe soon last

ultimate cards already $40 wow what a great sale!!!

~ -=Leo=-

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  1. by the way, how much is the Ultra Rare Scorch card?