Monday, January 17, 2011

Need feedback on express Q

Presuming AK v6 comes out in feb or mar, i was thinking of suggesting to most arcades that kids are being bullied by adult fishermen. ie they cheat kid to play, then use the 3 game rule and play musical chairs, and chase off the kids, swoop in and grab the golds and silvers., leaving bones to the kids. The usual craps.

I feel that the arcades need to protect children from being taken advantage of by adults. My suggestion:

1) Change 3 games to maybe 15 mins.
Since it takes about 15mins to play 3 games. Also, fishermen cannot pinpoint by games/cards. Anyway it serves as a guide, and most of the time, arcade attendents are unable to enforce the 3 game rule on adult customers anyway. Only the kids get bullied.

2) Completely do away with the express lane concept. Who pay who play. Nothing wrong with that.

3) Deploy more machines. Doesn’t it make sense to have 8 AK machines on site once V6 comes out, then reduce to 3-4 after 2 months? I noticed for V5, there were actually fewer machines at the start of the version release then 3 months later.

Ok anyone can help me sort out my thoughts before I write to the acrades please?
~ UncleMin


actually no need so many rules ...... the fisherman is the root cause .... tell them off, to fish during the weekdays and let the children play in weekends. ......

really need to write ... then shuffle cards for express lanes - nobody will disturb anymore ... 8 machines ... ?? after 2-mths reduce 3-4 .... and the rest deploy to ..... ??? my house ... ha ha lols.

Put things into right perspectives .......
Zone X already shuffle cards .... why not play there??? ...... cheaper at Timezone ...??? how much you could save??? dun play you save everything .... lols .... so yes .... for the children who dun have much ........

Express Lanes shuffle cards and confine to only children say below age of 10

~ spaceshuttle

Shuffle of cards for express lane is a very good idea. I agreed with that.
~ hnkang007

Agreed to shuffle the cards at all express lane. Zone X already shuffle the cards and there are no fisherman around
~ george

Response from Topic starter

Nevertheless I must say the suggestion is an EXCELLENT one.
Simple and solves the problem. i will prob write to the arcade on thurs or fri. see if they will be interested to respond. Thanks guys for responding.

~ UncleMin

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