Friday, January 14, 2011

What do u think of AK on PC, xbox360 or PS3? global tournament, special animals, story mode?

I was wondering if bandai would be interested in this concept.
Make AK available on console or PC.

Start with version 1. So home edition forever slower than arcade version.
Sell version updates as Apps or Add ons. (they can earn money again...) Players can use their collection cards (so that we players who invested MILLIONS don’t get our collection turned useless)

Players can also buy the animals or unlock by playing challenges.
Story mode for selected animals?

Additional special animals and powers to unlock over time only available to the home version. International competition with GLOBAL RECOGNITION! competition via internet?

Development fee should be minimal considered most of thegame is already developed.
So i am asking your opinion. Would u buy the game?But won’t u spend, say $80-100, to keep your cards in action? or just for nostalgia?

AK Out Dated liao? T_T
We can also put at pubs! loser drink! hahahah!

~ UncleMin


good idea ...... if it’s 3-years back in time ....

Arai just wind-up business in Japan ..... you know ..... fried cold rice ..?? In fact, nobody play AK anymore in Japan .... Singapore??

As a matter of fact, the AK is for the kids 5-yrs old and below. Only we Singaporean are so deprived from childhood ...... ha ha lols ... The trend now is beyblades ..... hotcakes. I wanted to share my objective views .....

2 groups of genuine players:-

Newcomers, those just started to play AK in Ver 5 or 6 ..... fresh and interesting that wanted more of AK.

Veterans, those started from Ver 1/2 till now for about 2-years play ..... have enough and wanted new games or excitement.

you should be from the first group i presume. well .... i’m from the second. Like many parents, they support AK because of their children, mostly and they personally like the games as well.

My boys played Version 6 less than 10 times, and participate tournaments less than 3-times. We have won 10-15 tournaments since Ver 1 .... yes that long history. I even have to ‘force’ them to play this weekend Timezone tournament .... sad? butt it’s true and facts of life. AK has been down our memory lane .... you need new blood for the game.

~ spaceshuttle

Response from Topic starter -

yup yup. i am newbie indeed! Hope u find something new and interesting to do wif ya boys!!
~ UncleMin

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