Monday, February 7, 2011

We are going to miss 'Animal Kaiser' ~~~~~~~

sad news for all die hard animal kaiser fans ver 14 is the last animal kaiser version
~ Luke Chiang


yup i think so too sad....
~ Tianyu Wu

i heard some rumors abt tat ver 15 16 comme out alr
~ Chan Jeng-Hom

version 14 is about the extermination of all animals. It makes almost perfect sense that it's the finale of AK
~ Evan Koh

i think singapore also ending soon . if the response for the version 6 or 7 is not good as japan ended already.
~ Lin Zhihong

Yes...very soon ...Animal Kaiser will be HISTORY...the machines will shut down & moved out ...While we still have the AK machine now...take out your AK cards ...go to your nearby arcade center ...invite your brothers/sisters & friends...have a good time fighting out those animals ///once again...just like last time where there is full of excitment & laughter ...playing this game....Play & enjoy while it lasts !

Memories about Animl Kaiser...We will always remember...

Good bye to every Animal Kaiser fans

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