Monday, February 7, 2011

Yahoo Japan Auction ~~


The total listed items for "Animal Kaiser" had dropped to the lowest number of pages less thasn 50 . The number of pages used to be as high as 80 - 100+ pages during the prime time few months back...but now ...*sign*....everything had changed...since the producer had announced the last of AK @ Version 14.

We do not see anymore jap seller throwing entire full set of AK (various versions)... many sellers are no longer selling AK cards...The glory days are gone...

Blog Master had ordered in our very LAST shippment from Japan ...and we will no longer place anymore order for jap's AK cards for future...since the demand are weak and market very un-stable in singapore. Treasure what you have while it still lasts...Animal Kaiser had given us lots of memories....

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