Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A fun time @ Fiesta 2011

Today was very fun
~ Elgin Soh

‎5 year old Isabelle had fun, now we're having a lunch break then heading back for more lol
~ Benjamin Poon

Went to the start of Fiesta today, very fun. Got the promotion card(Icarus the young eagle) and a green AK band. Got a chance to play V6 too and almost defeated Galleon but lost but it was fun :D

Going to Fiesta on 19 March again, hope I can win the card from the lucky draw and the drawing contest, either one is AWESOME!!!!

~ Evan Koh

At fiesta , I defeated galleon 3 times in a row going tomorrow and Thursday again ( different machine)
~Jingting Luvs Scorch

my son was lucky to get Schneider V6 card after 3 try.....hehe ~ Alan Lim

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