Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rumour : Version 6 to be launch today @ all Arcade centers ??

This is information from some AK fans who had called us tell us about the news ...even one of them had got the v6 cardlist from one of the ZoneX game center ....Get ready to whack full deck just be reminded that some area will load deck A or E 1st...We check personally @ some arcades around 6.30pm...but there is no version 6 yet ??

Juz came back for nex virualand they have the V6 machine liao also the card list. Timezone very slow checking my area 1 still haven’t launch yet.......sian
~ Alan Lim

Blog Master : Update @ 9.30pm ...ZoneX & Virtualland & some 7-11 stores had launch Version 6 except TimeZone (Some delay expected for 1-2 days)

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