Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gold card Combo recommend by Uncle George

1)V6 Altas ultimate+Silver strong 3/3/3 fight for justice+ Miracle Aligned planet

2)V5 Scorch+Raging ocean+Meteor Shower(lucky break)

3) V4 Siegfried +V6 Lone Warrior 2/5/2+ Saturn Saw(survivor)

Special Ops Leo
4) V3 Special Ops Leo + V2 Mighter Fighter(shining Aura)+ V1Meteor Shower(all doubling)

Lowland Gorilla
5)V3 Lowland Gorilla +Glory of Victory 1/3/5 +Approaching Sun (survivor)

Bald Eagle
6) V2 Bald Eagle + Secret Moonlight 2/4/2 (defence aura) + Crashing moon(all doubling)

Bengal Tiger
7) V2 Bengal Tiger +Showdowm 2/5/2 + Saturn Saw(survisor)

Red Scorpion
8)V6 Red Sciopion+ Raging Ocean(burning aura) + Approaching Sun( survivor)

9) V6 Yokozuna +Strong 3/3/3 Dirty Fighter +Aligned Planet (all big)

10) V6 Verde +Strong 3/3/3 Dirty Fighter(evil aura) +Alighned Planet(all big)

King Cobra
11) V3 King Cobra + Strong 1/3/5 Glory of Victory(miracle aura) +Miracle Crashing Moon (all miracle)

"The above Gold combo set is good for AK Tournamnet" ~ george

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