Monday, May 23, 2011

Marriage Proposal @ Cinema

All men take note: Matt Still has set the bar for the most romantic marriage proposal. This video uploaded on 16 May shows the film-loving romantic’s special trailer for his girlfriend and how he screened it in the cinema to pop the question.

Unsuspecting girlfriend Ginny Joiner sat down in the cinema with her brother to see the new ‘Fast Five’ movie and after a normal set of trailers, the special feature rolled. As the opening credits began, Ginny whispered to her brother, “This better be good.”

In the trailer titled ‘Making the Movies Jealous’ Matt and Ginny’s father have hidden their faces off camera. Matt asks her father for a marriage blessing and then makes a quick dash to the cinema to make his proposal.

Viewers are able to Ginny’s live reaction as she slowly recognises the familiar faces appear on the big screen. She bursts into tears after she asks her brother, “Is that Matt and Dad?”

The video reaches a climax when Matt enters the cinema screen with an engagement ring in hand. Micheal Escobar, the trailer’s producer caught the moment Ginny accepts Matt’s proposal in person. The couple are then congratulated by family and friends who remained hidden throughout.

Matt and Ginny’s proposal video now has become a huge web hit with over five million views since it was uploaded earlier this week.

Do you think this is the greatest marriage proposal ever?

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