Thursday, May 19, 2011

Arcade are running out of Animal Kaiser version 6 cards...

Last Monday played AK at City Square TZ 3 machines out of 6 machines run out of AK cards.

Today played AK at Parkway also 2 machines out of 4 machines run out of AK cards. At Bedok Point TZ one machine run out of AK cards. Checked with the manager of TZ , he said the Supplier did not supply in time.

If they did not supply in time next few days I think all the AK machines will be shut down due to no replacement of AK cards

~ george

Update : 21/5/2011

Hi ,Went to Parkway TZ to see the GM Stephen to enquire why no more AK cards at some TZ arcade and he replied he will look into the matter urgently.

Checked today at Bedok and City Square those AK machines run out of cards are replenished.

~ george

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