Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rumours for AK Evolution

As usual...we are getting some rumours about the next new version to share here :

* New Evolution version to be launch @ 3rd or 4th week of June @ Singapore ?
* Another information mention that target launch delayed from mid June to July/August month @ Singapore

* Some source mention that AK evolution will continue after ver 6 in other countries as well...but Singapore will be the 1st to officially launch

* There is no change in price ..remain as SGD$2 per game play

* There might be a new champion card (suspect Great white shark ?)

* 3 time champion ban rules will be removed (this news had been confirmed & took effect)

* Tournament fee remains as SGD$5 , no change

* New promtion card to be given away for AK evo ? ( animal : not disclosed yet)

* AK figurine toy (english edition 2) coming soon...

* AK Evo to have 2 ultra rare cards instead of 1
(one of them is the Galleon Holy Lion ultra rare card)

* We heard people saying that series 1 (Version 1 to 6) UNABLE to use @ AK evo machine anymore.. (I personally feel that this is not true)

* AK Evo is jap's Version 7 + 8 ??

* Value of AK full set (1st series version 1 to 6) will continue to drop

* Demand for Japan AK cards continue to be weak

* Strange information from someone...saying that AK machines to removed from all 7-11 stores & closing down of AK club..(We hope this DO NOT happen !)

* There will be AK evo (part 2) for the 2nd series Animal Kaiser is there to stay...for the time being

Stay tune for more information to be release about AK evolution coming weekend...

That's all folks...the above Rumours are for pleasure reading only...there may be some truth while others are just "Story hearsay" do not take them too seriously

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  1. Dear Eric,
    can you help me confirm for AK evo that there will be the Master animals?

    Best regards,
    Matthew Li