Monday, July 11, 2011

Step Up Singapore Dance NDP 2011 @ Ion Orchard

Special appearance by Yam Ah Mee @ 2.25

Singapore's biggest accidental star displayed some fancy footwork on Sunday evening, joining 200 dancers and volunteers for an event at ION Orchard.

Popularly known for his dead-pan expression and monotonous delivery of the poll results in May 's GE2011, Yam Ah Mee took part in Step Up Singapore!, a dance campaign organised by the branding and publicity committee of this year's National Day Parade. You can see him appear at the 2min 25s mark in the above video.

The 53-year-old chief executive director of the People's Association strutted his stuff to a medley of popular National Day songs while a watching crowd showed their appreciation with loud cheers.

After he finished his "performance", many fans went up to shake his hand and have their pictures taken together with him.

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