Monday, August 29, 2011

AK Tournament result Update ...Any card also can WIN ??

Hi ,Today participated in AK tournament at Tampines.Mall
All 16 contestant were present.

I was in the final using Scorch ,Virtous Battle and Meteor Shower(lucky break) against my opponent using Altas primal Fighter and Aligned Planet (all big) .Finally the Altas combo defeated me by a nose.
The Champion received a Champion Lion , a box and TZ card value $50
The runner up received a box and TZ card value $20

On Saturday at Parkway TZ AK tournament for children, the boy a first timer use Silver Schwarz ,midnight moves and Saturn Saw(survivor) defeated Gold combo all the way to the final and received a Champion Tiger , a box and TZ card value $50. Everyone was suprised. He was very lucky and happy to receive the
Champion Tiger Card .

~ george

Schwarz as Champion!?
Wow! That’s amazing.

Who is this wonder boy?
Congrats on your silver champion. Not an easy feat, sir.

~ UncleMin

Hougang here champion is Poseidon… Guess wat is runner up????? Normal card side striped jackal!!!!!
~ animalkaiser98

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