Monday, August 29, 2011

A "SPECIAL" advertisement " for selling Sequence listing...

"Use Your money well with this!
Presenting the ONE AND ONLY Animal Kaiser Card List!
Know the order of the cards with it and use your money well! Available in sale in Singapore only!
You want it dont you?
...To order please send me a message on FaceBook or sms me at 83436251
I will not entertain any calls.

Price: S$50-S$100 (Exclusive of GST for S$50 orders)
Prices Vary due to the fact that there is a total of Deck [A] - [H] and if you only want parts of it, its S$50 and the full set is S$100. THE FULL SET IS INCLUSIVE OF GST AND Travelling Fee

Travelling fee S$10 if place is not in the East (Inclusive GST)

Please leave your order in this format:
Payment Method: (Meet-up) (Other methods available.) ( discuss)
Quantity: (Minimum 1 Maximum 10) Per order

I urge you not to photocopy this and sell it to others. Due to the fact that this list is protected by copyright.
Unlawful copying may require your presence in COURT. Under rules stated by the Penal Code."

~ Abraham Needs YouByhisside

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