Sunday, September 25, 2011

Do not go to Vivocity Timezone...!!

Damn,I'm tired of idiotic Sequence Cheater at Vivocity,everytime,they took alll the Foils with the rubbish paper,and it was so freaking hard to get Foils there =.= Who the heck ever invented the stupid Sequence?=.= I kept getting those stupid "Bronze"Rare Card there,and most of them is what I already have...since I gone there,I kept getting this stupid worthless "Bronze"F*** This!Especially to a Fatass old ugly Auntie there who keeps showing off his stupid Sequence,I hope she dies earlier.Damn!

Vivocity sucks,all the Cards there are all so damn lousy =.= So if you Guys want to get Foils from Animal Kaiser,DO NOT GO TO VIVOCITY!!!Go to other famous like maybe Jurong Point,Tampines Mall(If I'm not wrong there is AK Machines there)AK Club(Cleneisure)AMK Hub Etc...I want another "Silver","Gold"or"Ultra-Rare"Foils but not the damn lousy worthless "Bronze"Or at least shuffle the Cards to make the Cheaters Sequence Epic Failure.

~ Galleon Chua Ming Han

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