Sunday, September 25, 2011

Is it still fun to join ZoneX's AK tournament ?

Yes, the only good card from evo i own is galleon, even then i still use raging ocean + approaching sun! Please allow ver 1-6 cards, zone x !
~ Retarded noob XD

Sincerely hope that Zone X will allow the use of all AK eng cards.
~ UncleMin

I thinking of joining today tournament at AMK. After much thinking, i’m not joining them since they only allow to use EVO Cards. Hope they will change their rules about it. If not action is taken, we AK Fans should boycott the zone x tournaments.
~ Alan Lim

Today I boycott not joining Zone X tournament
~ george

Yes boycott Zone X torney. Cos till now still cannot win… Ha haa…
~ benlim

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