Monday, September 5, 2011

Old Uncle @ Express lane

Dear timezone please tell what is the relation ship with old uncle and timezone vivo city does he has share of timezone why the staff stop him from the playing AK express lane ?????? After his relative swap SO many times. Even we have reported to your staffs (Ross and Nora) and no action was taken kindly give me reasonable explanation ASAP Thank u

Oh ya your staff some more checked computer also don't stop the old uncle playing why ??

When I checked with your staffs, there is someone playing the other machine. By the time your ops supervisor look for us the gold card has been taken already. They also cut queue & play 1or 2 games & disperse if it is not a good card. They also quarreled with a lot of AK players.

~ Angela Low

Official Reply:

Hi, Dear Angela, firstly, there is no relationship between the mentioned customer and Timezone. We have checked with our ops team and most of the AK machines are unoccupied at that point of time. Acting on your feedbacks, our staff rossann did approached the customer and explained the rules of the express lane to the customer.

The unresolved case was later on refereed to the ops supervisor and after hearing what happened, our ops supervisor have search for you to address the issue but you have already left our premise. Please accept our sincere apologies and we will like to thank you for the feedback and will also like to assure you the management will look into and address this issue with the mentioned staffs according. Thank you.

~ Timezone Singapore

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