Monday, September 19, 2011

Zone X tourney allow or not allow to use Jap card ? Confuse !

Confirmed that Terminal 3 can used jap 533 and other Version Cards.Scorch Siegfried Altas.

Went to Zone X at Changi Terminal 3 today at 10am to register for the New AK Tournament. Paid $5 for the registration and given a receipt
Since I am still early practice 5 games using 5 different combination : Galleon ,Altas,Scorch, Siegfried and Yolkosuma combo.
Now I had confident to use Galleon jap 533 and Meteor Shower(Lucky Break).
When the Tournament start I use Galleon 533 and Meteor Shower(LB) all the way up to the final defeating Altas Siegfried ,Scorch. The final both of us used the same combo , and I was lucky that my miracle meteor shower( lucky break) came out twice . defeating my opponent straight 2 rounds.

I got a Champion Bald Eagle n a Box.
Next round the Champion Card will be Lowland Gorilla.

~ george

Blog Master: How come 18 Sept 2011 tournament @ Changi Airport Terminal 3 can allowed to use Jap card for AK competition ,while other outlets only can use English original card ?? This is not fair to all AK fans ! ZoneX should standardise across all branches ..

can use jap 533 and Meteor shower(LB)?????

Why the rules not consistent? Some place can only use evo cards while some place can use any cards? If I had known I’ll have gone to T3. More fun and exciting!!
~ benlim

Latest update :

Everyone. Today at changi terminal 3 there can use jap but only for today only (18 Sept). Next time cannot use already. They hav banned jap cards already. Can only use evo 1 cards already. Sry to say this, guys
~ AK-Hunter

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