Monday, September 19, 2011

ZoneX AK tournament only allow original English Evolution cards ?

Important rule

Only original English Version Animal Kaiser Evolution Cards are allowed to be used to play in the tournaments. Should thanks me for providing such important info...else u bring japanese and ver 1-6 card and cannot use......or


only original Evo V1 cards can be used in tomorrow’s Zone X tournaments. Even V1-6 cards not allowed. Think it all boils down to luck liao. Dun need strategy liao. So tomorrow I’ll be seeing galleon vs galleon, galleon vs galleon, vs galleon, vs galleon etc… Haiz no more variety. Who damn good in pressing galleon will win
~ benlim

Probably gonna trow bricks at them or something along that line XD. the only good evo card i have is galleon with no match :( ... sure now every one just use galleon, VB, GC… where’s the fun :(. I really dont see whats wrong with ver 6 cards.
~ Retarded noob XD


A Feedback letter had been sent to ZoneX managemnet office !

I sent this feedback to Zone X.
Hi, Feedback regarding AK tournament. It is written that only Evloution cards are allowed.

Understandable that maybe jap cards are not allowed, since Zone X has never had machines that dispense Jap cards. but can you kindly allow Version 1-6 English cards as well? These are cards that many Zone x players won from playing AK at your machines. Plus it provides a lot more variety and fun as well. It’s still animal kaiser at the end of the day.

Most of the community is hoping that Zone X is a place of fun, and not a place of stringent rules and laws. This suggestion is also made coming for the view of good fun. Please consider allowing orginal AK english cards for the tournaments as well.

~ UncleMin

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