Thursday, October 13, 2011

Complain about a rude staff ...

Hi, I am writing in to complaint a staff at Downtown East time Zone named Mr Bxxxx Tan.

My child is playing a game called animal kaiser which cost S$2.00 per game on 17 Aug 2011, 11.00pm.After spending S$40.00 (20 games) she dont get any foil card,which is bronze,silver or gold card. She is very disappointed and i approached your staff Mr Bxxxx Tan for some queries. I ask him why no foil card in that machine and he says he shuffle the cards cause this is the rule in Zone X, that can answer why after playing for 20 games my girl did not get a good card. He replied again” I can open the machine to let you see but you must play 150 cards which is S$300” ......May i know is this how a staff should answer a customer? I am shock that he reply me like that......i just walked away after that.

What is he trying to prove? I got no money to play? Or he wants to play gangster and threatened me?

I am very sad this kind of service is provided by your staff. I am a ctmr and i talk to you nicely but i cannot accept a rude reply!!!!

Would really appreciate if you can educate your staff what is ctmr service. Thank you and awaiting your reply.


~ aksequence

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