Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kid customer really want to buy AK cards ???

Beware of this no. 8xxxx009 keep sms me ask for the price of galleon, ares & atlas when i reply he will ask the other. I think he/she is try to play a fool out of me.

After i given him all the price he stop sms. Then he reply "sell me galleon",. Given him galleon price he then sms sell me ares. Again i reply him the price. Next he text me "sell me atlas". i got piss off cos i’m working now. That why i "fu@$" him......hehehehe.Thanks.

~ Ben/Alan Lim (Card seller)

I also received sms from this boy, he keep asking me the price for Jap version cards. But in the end, he want to buy the V13 silver VS card at $10 meeting him at Hougang on coming Friday. Hope he won’t play me out.
~ hnkang007 (Card seller)

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