Wednesday, November 9, 2011

AK Evolution 2 to launch today or tomorrow ??

People saying evo 2 out today just went to tampines area to check tz & star factory not out yet leh. When will it be out???????
~ Ben/Alan Lim

Animal Kaiser Evolution 2 will come out tonight!!!! I just called up Zone X to ask and they said tonight!!! :D
~ Malcolm Lim Jun Hao

Checked TZ at C Sq still not launch. According to reliable source Evol 2 will be launch this evening or tomorrow morning.
~ george

Latest Update:
Sounce from my friend say evo 2 out liao. Today only at virtualand. When will tz and zone x be out?
~ Ben/Alan Lim

Blog Master: We received information that some Zone X had also launch Evo 2 @ 7pm....Timezone should be tomorrow afternoon or evening time.

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