Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New to AK

Hi everybody! I'm new to AK so please teach me some tips to win bosses or any animal :)
~ Justin Chen Hoong Yee

Comments :

You need to practice to win!
~ Peace Siew

no need to pratice jus try your luck to win
~ Max Tung Siew Lok

Ok I'm have to pro first you must combine card wirh special attack
Example galleon with vicious battle and he type is multi and yau must look what card what you look great example great comet with galleon it will be gold and practice good luck

~ Louis Christopher Sungkharisma

I will teach you all about animal kaiser lets start now galleon is the lion of light,galleon is Leo's father now Leo's father is no wear to be found Leo will fight clues to find his missing father. Siegfried roams the land training young fighters, he teaches scorch and galleon.scorch and galleon use to be rivals but now they are enimies . Atlas was fromed from scorch,he use to be dead in the ground but scorch saved him.

to learn more go to

This is all you need to learn about animal kaiser remember, be a champion.

~ Andrew Tan

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