Tuesday, January 10, 2012

About AK @ Japan

Why in Japan there is no triple focus???????
And why animal kaiser only to ver 14????

~ Martinus Abram Kriswicaksono

Reply :

er...if u realy wanna know bout triple focus...i think double or triple focus just affect for Evolution version...
~ Myth Kirisaki

They (Japanese) don't have evolution version
~ Shunhao Teo

good question... only ver 14? coz if until ver.100 thats mean ur live just for animal kaiser... and u will pay soo manny money :/

coz this is story, in story there are avaible to end (IDK when the story end) soo, in ver 14, in the story there are no evil and dark again, its defeated by animals..
and now the live is very very relax,, no war, no fight, no killing :)
like ur country if invade by another country, and ur country win from the invasion, u happy right? like thats

~ Nandyo d'Air Strike

The last moments of the Japanese AK season! Goodbye... AK is finally ended in Japan... hope we can reach the same version as Japan!
~ TheHerbie99

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