Saturday, January 7, 2012

AK fan arrange his own tourney @ 7-11 store

Organiser : Shawn Lee

Hi, I am organising a tournament at woodgrove 7-11 near marsling mrt. Or you can go to Woodlands Causeway Point and take 912 to The Woodgrove. Date: 14 Mar( School Holiday) Time: 12.30 pm-3pm.( need to be there by 12.15pm or else a walkover) Registration fees of $10 applies.

Loser will take the card dispensed from the machine and winner will proceed to the next round. Min 8 players and Max 16 players. Winner will walk away with an Evo1 Ares. 1st Runner up walks away withv4 American Alligator!2nd Runner-up will walk away with 3 Random Bronzes! 3rd Runner up wil walk away with 2 Random Bronzes!

All cards must be original and english version and must be checked by me before using. But those who did not win or got runner up, dont be sad. Because I will give out 5 random normal cards to everyone after the tournament. For more information or if you want to participate , please call me at 92225500. Take Note: After the tournament, I will donate 10% of the money to Charity. Will show proof. People like you and me make the world a better place! Thanks.

Below are the people who have comfirmed their participation.
1) Shawn Lee. ( myself)
2)Iskandar 50% might come 50% might not.
3)Ebric 50% might come 50% might not.
4)Sabian 50% might come 50% might not.

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