Saturday, January 7, 2012

A letter (Wishing to get rare card)

To animal kaiser official fan site:

I would love to own an ultra rare card, and my most desired card is Death Scorch.
At first, i was shocked by the price of one game in Singapore. I only own gold rare combos and would like to have an ultra rare combo.i bought cards, files, and played a lot, hoping a miracle would happen.But what came out-was all normal rare cards.i was crying in my heart. I sp...ent a lot and what i got is only normals. I really really wished to see a miracle-having an ultra rare card.

When i checked the price of an ultra rare card at Toys Outpost, it scared the wits out of me.$79.90?? I almost fainted. After that time, i had been saving money everyday.But when i went to Zone X, i thought that i should save money to buy Death Scorch. My hands were itchy, and i wanted to exchange my money( what i saved ) into coins. When i sat down, i did not want to put the coins into the machine.At home, i calculated the exact time i would have that money, in a months time.But my frequency was only once every week. Then i had a request. I wished i could get an ultra rare card for a much lower price. the range i had set is $10 to $20. i know its imposible. But, i truly loved AK.I do not know what to do, waiting for a miracle to come.

Freq: Every week, Saturday, At jurong point, in Zone X or Star Factory, At 1pm later, and sometimes i will visit Toys Outpost.

Yours sincerely,

Wong Wei Wen

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