Monday, January 23, 2012

Axel's (Haru) AK Card Strategies #6 (I guess?)

(this guide is made under boredom, so it's up to you if you wanna follow...)

Oh wow, I haven't write anything these past few weeks...

Master Leo (Yes people, MASTER LEO!! Though I didn't have the card yet, I can feel how fun it is to use such deadly card...)

Master Leo is a further evolution of our cute little Leo, The Lion Cub (And at top of that, he's ULTRA). With the Strength\Health of 8000\7000, this guy sends every naughty animals to hell...


I hate it when there's 3 DEADLY attacks combined in one card, but this is why this card is so powerful. Yes, with Griffning Attack returns, I can't decide which Strong I should pick. If you want a Master/Special-Ops combo, use Completed Training. If you want Master Leo original, simply use Harmonius Breath. Or else, use Master and Pupil to give it a Best/Special-Ops combo. For Miracle, just use your strongest Miracle (or with All P, if you want to make the battle quick)

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