Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Indoesian AK fan also angry about the late launch of Evo 2

Another waiting-boring-evo2 experience in Evo 2 ?!?! ( I can say that now, but last week, I feel same jealous with others AK players, and full of anger with TIMEZONE gay for Evo 2 machine not yet show up)

I remember that, in April 2011 at one of Indonesian game park, when evo 1, came on mid Sept 2011, their AK machine still vers 4, then in may 2011 they upgrade the machine to vers 5, july 2011 they upgrade to vers.6 and at end Sept 2011, they upgrade to evo 1. maybe this can happen to your country

~ Syamsa Aliph Rafles

Note : Indonesia had just changed to Evo 2 version ...last week is still evo 1

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