Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Indonesia 's un-open deck versus Singapore's un-open deck

This is Singapore local's version ...where the transparent mini strip is thin and bundle from Top- Down for 1 deck of 150 cards

However , the packaging is slightly different from indonesia's deck as thetransparent mini strip is thick and bundle from Left - Right for 1 deck of 150 cards..See the difference ?



Blog Master: We are not sure about the un-open deck packaging for both countries ...as we do not sell them and hence unable to verify the difference...the indonesia deck seems like its the DIY packaging by the seller..how come all red cards come together ?? (see 2nd picture - left). I thought a simple rubber band will do the job ~ to bundle the cards ! Can any indonesian seller email us at aksg2009@gmail.com to confirm the original packaging ? thanks

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