Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Play 5 ...all get normal

I Played Animal Kaiser Five Times on the Same Machine today,but I kept on Getting Normal Cards :(
~ Galleon Chua Ming Han


play it more than 5 times.... not all rares will appear in just 5 times... just think about the others who also played AK... its a matter of instinct...
~ Pirlow Bilyon

Yah. About 7 games then got rare cards
~ Shawn Lee

Your're not alone.. man....normals love me
~ Bryan Cabingan

Maybe U Play After Somebody Get Rare Card
~ Charlz Drago Lord

Usually rare card will come out after 7 until 10 games
~ Ari Wijaya

Just be patient, use instinct and lucky, play 7 until 12 times will help to get rare card. Hope Next Time Get Luck :)
~ Ji Sui Phin

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