Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Animal kaiser : The battle between Galleon and Scorch ( the fun way ) Part 2

Story created by : Wong Wei Wen

Slash ! Slash! Slash!

Galleon : Hahahah! Are you pooped? Your skills are WAY LOWER than jacky's!!!

Scorch: Poi ! Don't belittle me. My powers are way stronger than you!

... Galleon: Wa ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!! It should be 'yours' and not 'you'!

Galleon: Meow!! riddle time! why did the ' purple ' lion poop during a battle??

Galleon: Because he was afraid of the ' golden ' lion!

Scorch: !!!! Go Po! Use Fist of Fury on Galleon!

Galleon : go master jumbo! Defeat them!

Clash!! Poop!??

Galleon had pooped on Scorch's Face! Eew!

To be continued....
Part 3 will be written soon...

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