Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Who will win: The battle between Galleon and Scorch( Part 1 )

Story created by : Wong Wei Wen

Galleon : its time, let dark fall!! let light rise!!! rise master leo!! ( he is training leo )

Scorch: Its not over, i will never let you finish the training of leo!!! Dark Forces!!

Galleon: Long time no see, Scorch. Remember when we were students of the great animal kaiser, kaiser coral???

... Scorch: Who wanna talk about that. i want darkness to rise!!! Notus! Attack the training base!! make sure all is ruined.
ScorchL The rest accept for Yokozuna , Scharwz and Oorlog, Attack Leo!!! As for the three of them, help me attack Galleon!!! He is not that easy to be defeated....

Galleon: NEVER!!! help me White knights!! ( White Knights arrived)

White Knights: Yes, my lord. We will serve you as the best we can do!!

Leo: When will the training be done??I'm bored. It may not be easy to be a master animal.

Siegfried: Gather your power, and defeat me!! When you've done that, your wish is fufilled..

Siegfried: What?? The Dark Forces, Scorch!! How did he manage to find us?

Dark Forces: Ankoku Ohgi!! Attack formation !! All attack!!

Siegfried: Stay away, Leo. I will fight them !

Leo: ............

( Clash of the legedary heros)

Galleon: ( i know scorch's weakness)White Knights!! Vrede, Schneider and Baron! Go defend Leo and Siegfried!! The rest, Help me attack The three Dark members!

Scorch: My Dark Forces!! Launch an attack on The White Knights!!! Show no mercy!! Ha!
Galleon : Let the fight begin!!

Siegfried: They are the easy ones.. geez .. White Knights?? Galleon had summoned the White Knights??

Elite White Knights: Yes, Scorch had brought his army of 7 .

Hero: Army of 7?? Then there are still 3 out there!! Go assist Galleon!!

To be continued.......

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