Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Is this how Animal Kaiser gaming started ??

Like my story!

There was once this guy who was a ' genius ' . he originated from Japan. No one knows his name. One thing, he likes animals. Then one day he decided to build a game called " Animal Kaiser " . He met with the Emperor of Japan and requested this idea. The royal emperor agreed. He then met with the "genius" professor of Sciences. He showed him the approval certificate. the professor ...then agreed to make him this dim-wit machine. he got the machine and placed it at Star factory. No one played this dimwit game.

But then, he got an ingenious idea. he inserted cards into the machine and made the game more 'interesting'. Then on facebook he created a wall page. In singapore, he got a translator and translated the words to" animal kaiser official fan site" . he made a big lion head as the pic.. He then was declared famous!

He does not talk often as he needs to come to singapore to meet the translator and give him money to translate the words!

~ Wong Wei Wen

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