Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How Scorch transforms to Death Scorch

I think this is how Scorch transforms to Death Scorch:

One day,Scorch fights with Atlas.After a long fight,Atlas wins Scorch.Then,Atlas captured Scorch into the Forbidden Arts.

Scorch has captured in there for many years.In these years,he trained himself with the Forgetten Beasts inside there.
Unfortunately,there's a day,the gate of the Forbidden Arts was opened.Then,Scorch brings the Forgetten Beasts out.Then they became Death Scorch and the Forgetten Warriors!

~ Rex Fan Wei Siang

Part 2 ??

n scorch was defeated by galleon then he got sended back to the nether. there, in the nethers, scorch trained himself as the nethers king and he finally gained the powers of the nether. after getting used of curse of the nether, scorch finally seeks revenge to the kasier warriors and came out to the earth again to make earth another nether.
~ Daudi Basuki

Another version ????

this is the reason why Scorch become Death Scorch
'After all of his Army were defeated by Galleon,he fight with Him.because Galleon use Finally Dead End,it make Him defeat by Galleon and after that he died.in nether,his soul still can't Rest In Peace(RIP) so that He trained in nether and after that he comeback to the world as Death Scorch.He found The powerful magic name 'Curse Of The Nether',so that he use this to defeat his opponent with one hit :D
~ Muhammad Sonny Andrean Prasetya

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