Tuesday, March 20, 2012

SPOT the Fisherman !!

A Little AK Tips On Few Ways to Spot a Fisherman:

1)Most of the Time,Fisherman's would always be Adults,though of Course sometime Kids.
2)Fisherman would always Hold their Sequence
3)Sometimes,Fisherman could Memmories the Sequence,so they'll not need to Show his/her Sequence
... 4)Fisherman has LOAD OF $$$
5)Fisher's don't look at what Cards they have,they just show us the Back(Barcode) and continue Playing

Hope this Helps,and Places which is Hard to get Good Cards may also be caused by Fishers.

~ Galleon Chua Ming Han

Tip: adults don't play. Last time they scanned 20 times use coral snake strong mode never play just focus on cards
~ Wong Siew Hoong

When u playing, fisherman would also see what card u get at some of them can memorise sequence, and when u go away,if the next card /second next card is rare, they will play
~ Zarek Teo

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