Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Introduction to Cardfight!! Vanguard

This story takes place a little further in the future---
There are now billions of card game players in the world,
to an extent where card games have become a necessity, a part of our lives.

This is the setting for the world of Vanguard! A new card game series for players of all ages!

Before we take a look at some of the characters from this series, let me introduce two key locations which will be mentioned throughout the story.

This is a card shop called: 'Card Capital'. (Those of you who have had a chance to visit Japan will probably realize that this name is a parody of an actual shop found in Japan.)

This shop is a place where our main character, Aichi, visits quite often. It is often filled with kids playing card games and can get pretty rowdy some times.

This is the stage for the card game: Vanguard.

It is a place similar to our own planet, but unlike planet Earth, Gods and Demons, Dragons and other mythical creatures still roam the land. It is also a world where both Magic and Science have advanced hand in hand. Countries with advances in different fields and cultures rule over different parts of the planet Cray.


Aichi Sendou
The main character of this story. He is a timid but gentle boy who used to be bullied quite often. After finally starting to play the Vanguard card game, he learns to be more out-going and grows stronger with every new encounter.

He respects Kai, another Vanguard card fighter very much. Aichi's current goal is to engage Kai in a card fight, and to earn his respect.

Kai Toshiki
Although he doesn't take part in any tournaments, Kai is ranked among the top Vanguard card fighters.

A bright and cheerful boy many years ago, he seems to have grown cold and distant since the last time Aichi saw him.

Misaki Tokura
A high school student working in the card shop: Card Capital.
However, she doesn't seem to have much interest in card games.

She is not afraid to try new things and can be quite straightforward at times, to a point where she scares the others when she is angry.

She started playing Vanguard by mere chance and has shown great potential, leaving the other card fighters in awe.

Kamui Katsuragi
An lively and energetic elementary student who really isn't really very polite to all the elder card fighters.

He has fallen head over heels in love with Aichi's sister, Emi, at first sight. From that moment on, he has kept calling Aichi: 'Elder Brother'.

He is hot-tempered but generally good at heart.


Blaster Blade
A knight who belongs to the order of 'Royal Paladin' from the holy country of planet Cray. As seen from the picture above, he is a knight who wields the sword of light.

In Aichi's world, this is actually a rare legendary card which is pretty hard to find. To Aichi, this is his most precious card which he feels has encouraged him and protected him over the years.

Dragonic Overlord
The strongest flame dragon from the 'Kagero' Clan of the Empire. One of his many destructive powers includes: Eternal Flame, a fiery breath which can reduce all enemies in his path to ashes.

This card is the trump card of Kai's deck. It's overwhelming power often forces his opponents to the depths of despair.


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