Tuesday, June 12, 2012

7-11 Red Alert !!

Lol...my friend was @ 7-11 just now. and guess what he saw? He saw the techician shuffling cards & worst still taking out some RARE cards away. According to my friend, he saw the person removing the only gold, all the silvers and some bronzes. She left some bonzes inside the machine lah. And then, she put the cards that she took out and put it up for sales. br /> Strange ppl right?? Later kena caught by police…
I dont really believe his story, but he said he will bring me to that 7-11 later...Hmmm "
~ Harold/ Shawn Lee
Other comments
its highly possible , there are many times when i thought i shld be getting a gold card at 7-11 and then suddenly the card just jumped and no gold card . and the sequence for 7-11 most of the time does not make sense . tx for the warning . will go back to TZ haha Already harold/shawn say that the foil cards have been taken off .. so cannot trust 7-11. to be honest i play quite a lot of games at 7-11 for evo 3 , can u believe i got only bronze cards
~ animalkaiserevo

Blog Master: We do not know which 7-11 store is doing such act ? and there is no proof that the abovementioned event is true or False...we posted here for reference only

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