Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fight with my parents..

"Hi I just recently got into a Fight with my parents over animal kaiser
But I thought yay I had done the wrong thing.... So I am here to tell u whether u are a kid or adult don ought with your family over things like some cards only… After Tat it is too late…
I wish everyone of u who saw this post can don fight wif your family over small things .Learn to forgive people "
~ nice animal kaiser

Other Comments :

"So I guess you are a kid/teen too? Well, you probably fought over the ammount of money you have put into AK. Your parents would probably be displeased if you spend so much on AK. Not to be rude, but my logic is that AK is just a card game, in the end, even if you manage to fish all the bests cards in the machine, they are still pieces of paper, not worth getting into fight over. So kids, dun fight with your parents over AK. If they tell u not to spend so much, don’t spend so much"
~ ~Retarded Noob XD / Gavin Lim

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