Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Quitting AK ?

"I think want to quit AK ..Why?!The Reason:
I already almost adult as my friend tell me as baby to play this game
This game really expensive now, and i never get any Gold/Ultra card

I'm really sad as my parents already work hard, but i spend it as i never think about my parents, maybe $100 for playing 2 months AND IF I BUY THE CARD IT'S SO EXPENSIVE!!, 1 Ultra for 150 Dollars
AS MY PARENTS Especially never allow me

"From V2 until now i already spend Rp4 millions..Oh no, better i buy iPhone or BlackBerry or i go to any countries.I'm so sad ~ Ji Sui Phin

"Sometimes I also thinking of quit AK,not because it's expensive or it's childish,but we often play and get the same card we have...if it's a same rare,I can accept it...but if it's a same normal,I'm going mad!!!I have 10 Hanzou's right now ! I played this game since it's version 4,and I think I have spend about Rp.3 million to play this game...I'm so sad...I will not play again,I guess... :'( "
 ~ Yokke Putra

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