Monday, May 27, 2013

Fake AK toy available @ Indonesia market

This is the original toy and card from japan
 photo 47.jpg

These are the Fakes....
 photo 48-1.jpg
 photo 46.jpg
 photo 50.jpg
 photo 51.jpg
 photo 49.jpg

Lets take a closer look at the fake toy + Fake bonus "promotion" card :
 photo 52.jpg
 photo 65.jpg

 photo 53.jpg
 photo 66.jpg

 photo 54.jpg
 photo 67.jpg

 photo 55.jpg
 photo 68.jpg

 photo 56.jpg
 photo 69.jpg

 photo 57.jpg
 photo 70-1.jpg

 photo 58.jpg
 photo 71.jpg

 photo 59.jpg
 photo 64.jpg

 photo 60.jpg
 photo 63.jpg

 photo 61.jpg
 photo 62.jpg

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