Friday, December 17, 2010

The end ~ Animal Kaiser Version 14 is confirmed

This is the official announcement from Japan
It had finally confim that version 14 is the LAST version...all the AK machines in Japan will slowly move out of market from mid - Febraruary 2011

No AK machine = no playing = Animal Kaiser gaming bye bye

The ending scene for Version 14:

Yeah, it’s the end. played AK ver 14 and the end vid was all evil in the world destroyed and there was world peace. then baby galeo, sorch and UR liger ran off into the sunset. Lols
~ Retarded noob XD (currently , he was in Japan for holiday)

Now////japan market is in a big mess...Sellers are dumping all FULL set of cards at super offer price such as Version 1 for 5K yen ...Version 13 for 9K yen....many other version's full set range from 5K to 9K.. even rare sample cards got collectors took out to dump now...entire market is now upside down....

Just like what the Taiwan's #1 AK fan -叮噹who had won 31 championship(29 Lion , 2 tiger)..had mentioned : "Take Jap card to decorate on the wall as nice WALL PAPER..." the time is very very wonder he also dump a bundle of 10 champion cards sale ...haha

last jp
last jp2

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