Friday, December 17, 2010

Japan 's Animal Kaiser (Sept 2007 - Feb 2011)

Japan had comes a long way since september 2007 ....with a life span of 3.5 years..until Feb 2011...its about time to put everything down and take rest now...

Japan's Animal Kaiser milestone record :

September 2007: The first bullet up

December 2007: Second bullet "爆闘! New warriors" running

March 2008: Third bullet "Gekitou! Strongest challenge to the" operational

May 2008: Fourth bullet "Seize! Victory Glory" running

July 2008: Fourth bullet DX operation

September 2008: Fifth bullet "爆来! Mabayuki super fighters" operating

December 2008: The 6th bullet, "the most evil! Osorubeki dark Corps (Dakufosu)" operation

March 2009: No. 7 "爆突! Shitenno new fighter VS extinction (Nyuhiro)" operation

June 2009: The 8th bullet "爆震!極Marishi strongest fighter (hero master)," running

2009年07月:第8弾DX「決戦!ダブル究極 超激突(メガインパクト)」
July 2009: The 8th bullet DX "Kessen! Ultimate super battle room (Mega-impact)" running

2009年10月:第9弾 爆力!森からきた甲虫戦士
October 2009: The power of explosion 9 series! Suit beetle came from the forest

2009年12月:第10弾 爆密!忍動物ただいま参上
December 2009: The 10th 爆密 series! Animals can get calling on Shinobu

2010年3月: 第11弾 爆鋼!マシン軍団VS超新星
March 2010 : 爆鋼! Army VS machine supernova

2010年6月: 第12弾 脱獄動物の逆襲
June 2010 : Revenge of the animals escaped

2010年9月: 第13弾 銀河からの侵略者
September 2010 : Galaxy animals invasion

2010年12月:第14弾 全動物絶対絶命
December 2010 : All animals facing extinction

The end (there is no more version 15) in peace...Good Bye !

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