Friday, December 17, 2010

Lost & Found : Timezone card / Hand phone

Case (1) : Timezone card

Walk about Timezone arcade...suddenly saw a normal plastic timezone top up power card lying on the floor beside the fishing machine. A boy was sitting nearby busy fishing. I go tap his shoulder and point the card ...the boy was shocked that his card dropped onto the floor...may have slip out from his side pocket careless !

item owner found !

Case (2) : Hand phone

Walk about Timezone arcade...suddenly saw a NOKIA handphone lying on the floor beside the drum beating machine. This machine was under service and the control panel door was left half open by the Technician. Thought that the Tech had accidentally left his handphone on the floor....go to the counter and alert him. The technician was busy checking the computer system @ the counter...and he say not belong to him..

So ...had hand over it to the counter staff on duty...hope that the rightful owner can get back his handphone ...another careless case !

item owner still unknown...when i left the arcade place

Blog Master: My advise to all boys & girls reading our blog ...Please take good care of your own belonging at all times. Otherwise when its lost, its very hard to find them back...

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