Saturday, January 1, 2011

Not enough $ or a special method of asking for DISCOUNT ?

Received a email request from Kxxx & bro :

"Hi uncle Eric, i read ur blog and understand that ur overseas. I am Kxxx, i want to buy some version 5 cards. ...... Thx and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!! :)))). pls reply me as soon as possible to negotiate the price.Thx once again"
~ Kxxx & bro

We checked our left over stock for Version 5 and found 12 foil cards remaining. There are 8 bronzes & 4 Silvers. Hence we ask Kxxx&bro to offer us a price for this bundle.

"I get all for $40 ok? Thx"
~ Kxxx & bro

When we counter-proposed to be $50 instead ,this is the buyer's reply :
" I only have 44 dollars..." year day about 44 ...sound like "Die ..Die" good numbers leh...haha...Blog master is superstitious lah...hehe.... So we settle at $45 for the 12 cards ....a very good deal for buyer ~ Kxxx & Bro

As i'm along my way in the mrt train ...I almost "fainted" when i read the buyer's sms ...haha....
"U got 5 dollar change ? "
~ ~ Kxxx & Bro

We arrive at the mrt station to deal , where Kxx & bro passed me a $50 note ...i ask him ..." i thought you only got $44?" ...haha ...they only give me a BIG sweet year discount....for the 2 brothers loh..happy happy least they had help me to clear all my extra V5 folil cards..Thank you for buying our cards...but this trick "asking for discount" may not work for other card seller hor...haha......HAPPY NEW YEAR !!

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