Saturday, January 1, 2011

Seller -LeEi wanted to sell Bronze @ $15 , Silver @ $30

Here's what others says about his sale :

"You have compelled my hands to return from the exile. Silver cards $30 and bronze cards at $15???? Are you living on a different some homework before you priced your cards......the price definitely soared and only an unwise and drunkard will purchase…

Once again. kind of hilarious to actually see this price list......Is been long I fall from the chair, earlier it nearly when I saw the post from this unrealistic chap......some more the first post....confirm thought of ‘hit and run’ profile "

~ 无间道

"price rather unrealistic. My advice is Scorch $55, Gold $20-$30, Silver $10 and Bronze $2-$4 then ppl will buy"
~ bengal007

"lol still funny (pricing) but no offense it’s your choice "
~ TKLucky

"let him dream awhile ...... nobody buy he will lower price.
still nobody buy ..... he will give free .... ha ha lols"

~ spaceshuttle

"please get some advise or do some research be4 posted up..iam also happy for u if someone willing to buy at that price"
~ AK 47, shooter

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