Saturday, January 1, 2011

Seller - animalkaiser98 had to sell AK cards in order to buy School uniform & books ??

Latest update on 1/1/2011

Received a sms from Seller-(animalkaiser98):
"Aiyo ak47 just playing with me ma. Then you go post in your blog-.- Never mind no need to remove. I be famous awhile lol ! Happy new year to you"
~ animalkaiser98 , 9xxxxx788

What others comments about him :

"hope you had gotten ur uniform and books for Secondary 1.. "
~ Egohbc

"oh!!! so poor thing selling card to buy uniform n books… i shu buy more cards from u instead lol!!!! tell me ealry lah i support u bro.. but now i broke already got to wait for ppl to buy my ver 4 then i can help u hehe...."
~ AK 47, shooter

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