Monday, January 24, 2011

Late for AK tournament

A couple last-min came register for the tournament. I knew they are late for the registration as I myself almost late as well. 1045am cut-off for registration ... they came 1048am.

We are there just for fun and joy .... the more players the better - challenging and excitement.

But my boys VS each other ..... so I asked my friend Eric* to swop with one of my boys - he agreed.

The couple against it ..... till now i still dun understand - none of their concern. There is no change to their position and even the chances of winning/losing.

I tried to explain to them .... the reason for the change. They dun agree. I further elaborated that my kids want to play with other players ..... they still insist that we need to follow rules .... the draw lots (we did not draw as ZoneX drew the lots for us) ........

They still insisted ... making me boiled that such unaccomodating behaviour (considering they are adults) .... i launch a complain to the ZoneX staff that thay came late for the registration. Pressure them we boycot the tournament (not enough players) and will launch a complain .......

I succeeded. The couple out of tournament .....

This is what we want? ..... everyone including the ZoneX staffs, the couple ..... even my kids and myself having the negative experiences??? Sunday morning everyone just wanted to relax and have some fun ...... worth it? .... for what?

~ spaceshuttle

*Note: This Eric is not blog Master

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