Monday, January 24, 2011

Special Thanks to Linda for buying with us on Sunday Afternoon

Sunday Afternoon around 12.30pm...we managed to close deal sucessfully together with our valued customer - Mrs Linda @ Sembawang MRT. She's a caring mother who had bought some AK stuffs from us for her son's upcoming birthday AK theme party on the 4th day of Chinese new year.

Our sale include 2 toy figurines (jap edition 8) which will goes to the AK cake decoration , a nice 60cm x 100cm floor mat which will be displayed on the wall as poster and lots of Version 2 normal cards to decorate @ the wall ....for the nice AK party atmosphere. We would like to express our thanks to Mrs Linda for helping us to clear all our excess Version 2 english cards

Note: Mrs Linda & family had come into contact with Animal Kaiser from end of Version 3 period...hence the version 2 cards are something 'new' for them.

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