Thursday, February 10, 2011

Is version 6 or 7 = The last English version ???

Note : Japan Version 14 is the about our english version ??

Some gossip that AK will continue locally for a while….
I recently spoke with someone for IAH. He said that AK is very strong in the Asian region, and is unlikely that will end anytime soon.

So if you are not superbly into jap cards, and new to local versions, the good news is that there is still alot to look forward to. There are other hobbies n interest one can pursue. If AK ends, I m fine. I oso feel most normal people won’t die.

The jap collecters (i am a little collector myself) will feel the “bye bye” effect a lot, cos nothing new to look for anymore.

Just to share,I still flip my v1 slam-dunk cards and smile. Still happy to see mycollection. Bet the young ones have no idea what it is.

~ UncleMin

yes life goes on .... now we all know there all many other pursuits. I knew the people from IAH ... just do not pin too much ‘hope’ on their commitment .... i believe they will still ‘push’ for the game - perhaps another rounds of Ver 6 or 7 ... and that will be it.

The newbies should go through the AK cycle of what I have been through .... a total mixture of feelings and experiences. Then in this way, many will better understand .... in fact all games will have the similar cycle ...

~ spaceshuttle

I agreed with u Uncle Min. Even if AK end, the world still goes on. Life still continue, nobody will die. I am fine too even if AK ends.
Ya, maybe 10 years later, when I take a look at my AK collection, it will bring back lots of memories, be it good or bad.

~ hnkang007

Will be epic if we really go all the way till the end- ver 14 (then my jap card can play lols) DK (dinosaur king) and L&B (Love and Berry) all go like ver 13/14
~ Retarded noob XD

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