Thursday, February 10, 2011

Version 6 is coming soon.... End Feb / March 2011

Save up ...get ready for the big storm (new version 6)coming very soon....end of this month or next month prepare to look out for a possible Fiesta event to be announce later..once the detail are confirm


finally there are some good news for AK .....
The fiesta is a great success that the organiser could look at and improve on it ...... here are a few of my suggestions:-

(1) United Square is a good venue, with eating outlets, children clothings and most importantly carparking. Btw, the shopping mall is consider new and at central location of Singapore.

However, United Square could be the grand finale for the event. Explore before this big launch, to have couple of roadshows at neighbourhood areas to create awareness and interest, if not excitement. North (northpoint), South (vivo), East (tampines mall) and West (jurong point) - over weekends for the crowd. NOT 7Eleven please ....

(2) the event at the Expo also create some excitement - the team event (father/mother, sons/daughters, ah ma/ah pa) is the most interesting that create team spirits among family members and bonding. Consider this for the tournament instead of solo or individual.

(3) lots and lots of freebies ..... Singaporeans like plenty of freebies ..... poster, calender, promo cards, figurines ...... the list goes on .... and on. Printing of cards is of low-cost .... if possible give away some Ultimate Cards - Singaporeans also like Lucky Draws.

(4) mascots ..... those in the fiesta are urgly ..... you need cute and funny mascots - take alook at the Taiwan launch with children in tiny cutie animal costumes .... (go to Eric’s blog, scroll down to see the photo of taiwan children in costume).

(5) finally, lots of photo-taking ..... hand/face painting is good but too low profile ...... make it bigger -paint my butts .... ha ha lols this one kidding ....

This one the most important ..... school holiday.

~ spaceshuttle

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